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Paul Daniel Marriott + Associates, Historic and Scenic Road Preservation Planners, specialize in analysis, preservation, and management strategies for historic roads and scenic byways.

The office is recognized for innovative approaches to problem solving and research for:


Dan Marriott, Principal and founder, has worked with historic and scenic roads throughout the United States and abroad. He has consulted for transportation, preservation, planning and municipal organizations, written the two most referenced books on the topic of historic roads, Saving Historic Roads, Design and Policy Guidelines (John Wiley and Sons, 1998) and From Milestones to Mile-Markers, Understanding Historic Roads (America’s Byways Resource Center/Federal Highway Administration, 2004), co-founded and managed (1998-2008) the biennial conference Preserving the Historic Road, and has prepared numerous corridor management plans for scenic byways and historic corridors.

The office maintains a close and nimble association with a number of independent professionals and offices throughout the United States; offering clients exceptional access to expertise in areas of traffic management, preservation technology, interpretation, heritage tourism, land conservation, and design and transportation policy. Additionally the office, located in Washington, DC, has a close working relationship with a number of federal agencies and non-governmental organizations involved in resource management, transportation policy, historic preservation and advocacy.


Paul Daniel Marriott + Associates is committed to balancing historic design features and scenic qualities with twenty-first century needs for safety and management. This innovative approach to heritage and transportation planning has been provided for clients as diverse at the National Park Service, New Jersey Department of Transportation, Hawaii Department of Transportation, Merritt Parkway Conservancy (Connecticut), Belt Collins Engineering (Hawaii), Indiana Landmarks, and the Preservation League of New York State. Additionally the office has worked with local and national organizations in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Whether you require an investigative site analysis, in-depth planning study, publication or public lecture, Paul Daniel Marriott + Associates is available to assist you in the identification, preservation and management of historic and scenic road corridors.


Paul Daniel Marriott + Associates specializes in Historic Roads, Scenic Byways, Preservation Planning, Gateways and Corridor Studies.


The United States possesses a rich collection of historic roads. From leafy parkways and majestic park roads to utilitarian routes that embody local craftsmanship and environmental accommodation. While many represent a response to transportation and engineering design that can be codified by historical periods, each also represents a unique contribution to the historic fabric of communities and regions. Sadly, many of these historic roads are at risk. National Register listed roads face overwhelming pressures that have resulted in the loss of intrinsic qualities.

Resource at Risk
Across the United States historic roads are being lost through demolition, neglect and poor management. Sometimes this is due to transportation policy, sometimes due to external pressures (such as land use development) and sometimes simply ignorance. These losses can be swift and devastating or slow and incremental—hardly noticed until it is too late.

It is important to recognize and preserve historic roads. One need only consider the lost resources of earlier transportation eras now lamented. Canals, railroad stations and the pony express route. The U.S. has already lost long stretches of Route 66 and segments of the Columbia River Highway—our first great scenic automobile highway.

The concept of roads as historic resources requiring study, conservation, and management is relatively new. Historic sites are increasingly recognizing the design and construction legacy of their roads and are developing programs, policies, and treatments to ensure their preservation.

Paul Daniel Marriott + Associates
Paul Daniel Marriott + Associates is the leading historic roads planning and research firm in the nation. Dan Marriott is recognized as a historic road expert—having worked with federal, tribal, state and local agencies and organizations across the nation. PDM+A provides innovative solutions to balance historic design features with safety and function.

Select Projects and Clients

Historic Route 66 in Oklahoma Planning Workshops and Analysis
National Park Service with Oklahoma Department of Transportation and Oklahoma Historical Society
Treatment Plan and Management Recommendations for the Carriage Road
System at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park, Vermont
National Park Service
Indiana Historic National Road, Interpretive Panel Project
Indiana National Road Association and Indiana Landmarks


Scenic byways provide an opportunity to experience place and culture along a designated route. Byways may wind among historic villages and farm fields, or along the jagged peaks and canyons of a mountain range. They may follow the ancient routes of American Indians or the serpentine parkways of the twentieth century. They may be rural, suburban or urban. Byway programs are found at the local, state, tribal and federal level.

National Scenic Byways Program
Established in 1991, the National Scenic Byways Program of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) now comprises 150 designated routes in 44 states. The National Scenic Byways Program recognizes routes possessing one or more of six intrinsic qualities: scenic, historic, cultural, natural, recreational and archaeological. The National Scenic Byways Program has funded over 2,500 projects ranging from interpretive waysides and tourism management to historic preservation projects and landscape design. Designation as a National Scenic Byway requires preparation of a corridor management plan.

Corridor Management Planning
Corridor management plans are required for many local, state and tribal programs, and are required for designation under the National Scenic Byways Program. Corridor management plans (CMPs) are documents outlining existing intrinsic qualities along the defined route, and presenting strategies for conservation, preservation, tourism, safety, community development and public participation.

Paul Daniel Marriott + Associates
Paul Daniel Marriott + Associates is one of the leading scenic byways planning firms in the nation. Dan Marriott developed the CMPs responsible for the successful national designation of six byway corridors, co-authored FHWA’s “Community Guide to Corridor Management Planning,” advised local, state and tribal governments on byway projects and was a member of the three-person expert team assembled to conduct the fifteen-year analysis for the National Scenic Byways Program for the FHWA.

Select Projects and Clients

Assessing and Sustaining the Quality of the America’s Byways Collection—Fifteen Year Analysis of the National Scenic Byways Program
Federal Highway Administration
New Jersey Palisades Interstate Parkway, Corridor Management Plan RBA Group Engineering and the New Jersey Department of Transportation
New Jersey Southern Pinelands Natural Heritage Trail, Corridor Management Plan—Visual Analysis Project
New Jersey Pinelands Commission


Paul Daniel Marriott + Associates also provides consulting services for transportation corridors in the areas of Preservation Planning, Gateways and other Corridor Studies. The office has assisted communities with comprehensive gateway plans addressing wayfinding, community identity and branding; developed preservation strategies for historic sites and districts; conducted National Register of Historic Places evaluations; facilitated community charettes and public meetings; and undertaken comprehensive research and documentation of historic and community features. Additionally, Dan Marriott, an experienced public speaker, has delivered scores of well-illustrated public lectures and keynote addresses.


Paul Daniel Marriott + Associates has both domestic and international experience. The following is a representative listing of projects by location.

Seward Highway Corridor Partnership Plan
Alaska State Scenic Byways Program Training Workshops

British Columbia
Historic Alaska Highway Analysis and Training Workshops

Arroyo Seco Parkway Corridor Management Plan
City of Encinitas Gateway Study

District of Columbia
Rosedale Conservancy Historic Landscape Analysis and Community Participation Charette
Cleveland Park Historic District Landscape Mitigation Project

Historic Kuhio Highway Analysis and Preservation Recommendations

Great River Road Corridor Management Plan
Ohio River Scenic Route Corridor Management Plan

Historic National Road Corridor Management Plan
Ohio River Scenic Route Corridor Management Plan
Historic National Road Interpretive Panel Project

ICOMOS World Heritage Evaluation for El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro (the Royal Road to the Interior)

New Jersey
Southern Pinelands Natural Heritage Trail Corridor Management Plan
Palisades Interstate Parkway Corridor Management Plan

New Mexico
New Mexico Department of Transportation Historic Road Training Workshop

New York
Empire Roads: A Guide to Historic and Scenic Road Preservation Planning

Ohio Historical Society/Ohio Village Master Plan Study

Historic US Route 66 Preservation Training Workshops
Osage Nation Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan

Historic Carriage Road Treatment Plan, Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park

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